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3105A Cranberry Hwy
East Wareham, MA 02538

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Advance Auto Parts
Store #6109

3105A Cranberry Hwy
East Wareham, MA 02538
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07:30:00 - 21:00:00
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In-Store Services
  • Motor Oil Recycling
  • Battery Recycling
  • Battery Installation
  • Starter, Alternator, Battery Bench Testing
  • Loaner Tools
  • Gear Oil Recycling
  • Wiper Blade Installation
  • Charging System Testing
  • *Store services subject to change. Contact store to confirm service availability.
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Advance Auto Parts East Wareham, MA | Store #6109

Looking for a East Wareham auto parts store? Choose Advance Auto Parts on 3105A Cranberry Hwy to find what you need at an affordable price.

To do your own vehicle repairs, you need quality auto parts, ranging from truck or car batteries for reliable starting power to truck or car brakes for safe driving. In the 3105A Cranberry Hwy store, you'll find shocks and struts for a smooth comfortable ride, what's needed for a proper tune up, including motor oil ,filters, belts and much more.

At your East Wareham auto parts store, there's much more than the items needed for repairs and maintenance. There are also friendly, knowledgeable Team Members who will answer questions and recommend the parts needed to do your own repairs.

For added convenience, order any quality auto parts online and pick them up at your East Wareham auto parts store at 3105A Cranberry Hwy on the same day. Need more information about this store? Call 508-291-0827 today.

When quality auto parts are needed, fast, convenient service is important. Fortunately, Advance Auto Parts is open 7 days a week.

Stop by 3105A Cranberry Hwy in East Wareham to find exactly what you need. For even more time savings, order what you need online and then pick it up at your Advance Auto Parts store.

If you need help choosing the right parts, ask any Team Member at your Advance Auto Parts store and get knowledgeable advice.

The Advance Auto Parts Team knows what parts are right for each job. Are you more of a visual learner? If so, then watch these auto repair videos with clear and helpful step by step instructions.

Make the East Wareham auto parts store at 3105A Cranberry Hwy in East Wareham your store today. Call 508-291-0827 with any questions.

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Store Reviews for Advance Auto Parts East Wareham, MA
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4.3 Rating

Zeb Dawson
2016-09-14 02:11:39-05
Review Source:

andre smith
2016-08-20 02:13:02-05
Great auto parts store
Review Source:

2016-07-17 02:10:03-05
Very friendly and always willing to help. They get to know you. They treat me as a friendly, familiar face ....more like a friend....than a customer.
Review Source:

Jonathan Bleakley
2016-06-24 02:26:00-05
The guy shawn that works there is completely rude and not capable of doing his job right and is not friendly at all
Review Source:

Robert Perry
2016-05-19 02:09:17-05
Review Source:

Sean Smith
2016-05-16 02:17:46-05
Amazing place. I drive past auto zone to come here. The service is amazing and they always help you find the parts you need. Highly recommend
Review Source:

Kendra Chase
2016-04-19 02:08:00-05
A good Auto parts store. The guys are on the ball. We go there often enough.
Review Source:

Christopher Peznola
2016-02-04 17:21:57-06
Great experience. These guys are great, lent me a tool to fix an issue on my car, prices are very good. I highly recommend them.
Review Source:

Susan Donahue
2016-02-04 17:21:57-06
Great help
Review Source:

2014-02-05 17:21:57-06
I've ordered many parts from this store such as a complete exhaust system from this same store in the past using the same phone number ,and my name. They called me when my exhaust came in 3 days later. No problems.Fast forward to this past 2 weeks. I called to order a part,they didn't have it in stock... so I was told by " MIKE" my part would be in in 2 days We will call you when it comes in @ and he even verified my phone number. Yup I said thats it I said and we both hung up When a week and a half went by and I received no phone call on this particular part I decided to call to check on on it. Again Mike answered the phone. I asked if my part came in ? Mike asked me for and I gave him my name and my phone number calm and cool as a cucumber as I like to be. Keep in mind this part is fr a small gas engine I have... so it's no rush I don't HAVE to have it so i'm in no hurry to get the part.So there was no sence of ergency on my end. Right off the bat I sense an attitude from this "MIKE" guy There was even a sigh of stress as he answered the phone Sunday morning at 9:05 am He asks me again can I have your name and number again so I give him my name he says number I say 508-295-,, he says "WOAH ,WOAH , WOAH... hold on guy... jeez he says I'm only a human being here slow down " "and a dumb one at that apparently" I refrained from saying!Now when I give my number out most people can jot down more than 3 numbers at a time "most take 6 numbers usually like 508.295 pause then the last 4 "as I was saying my number he was repeating it back to me so he couldn't hear the next 3 numbers I wanted so much to say " if you close your mouth you may be able to hear the next set of numbers instead of talking over them" but no he had to repeat every 3 numbers so I went along with this strange method of number taking. He seemed to be doing it to aggravate me Id say 508 - he says 5.......0........8....yea? id say 295 . .He goes 2.........9.........5... .Then he tells me we have no record of you in our system ..I said thats funny I got a phone call from Drew " I think he said his name was" 3 weeks ago telling me my exhaust system was in on this same number I've had for over 10 years .. Well I'm telling you SIR we have never had this number in our system.... I said Mike you personally took my number a week ago i remember talking to you because you did the same 3 digit number read back thing you just did.. Then I'm thinking to myself but didn't say out loud ... " I don't know how you could screw a number up when it takes you 5 minutes to jot the number down in 3 number intervals I never criticized his number takeing method in case hew was numerically challenged or something I didn't want to belittle him. I did feel like saying if you just shut up and listen you will get the numbers so much easier It's called paying attention .So my dealing with this store have been ok except when A guy named Mike answers thew phone .. Hey Mike if you don't want to be there quit and let someone who wants to work have your job sir!!! Sincerely Rick M.
Review Source: